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Off Wall Street Assets Extensive Master Course
16 Online Modules Presented by Loral Langemeier and The Wealth Team!

You have asked for the complete “Getting Started” package and here it is. It includes a 16-module training course, monthly asset online laser calls, monthly asset articles from The Wealth Team, strategy, investing, franchising and equity opportunities, and a dedicated asset strategist to guide you through each process and access to registered investment advisors and broker dealers.

Module 1: Diversity and Sequencing

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Lifestyle comes after you build your wealth and you really build your assets. Most people tangle it up and start building their lifestyle before their asset base is built. There are a lot of programs that just focus on income generation, which we do that too, but we want your business generating millions of dollars.

Module 2: Entity Structure

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When beginning a business, you must decide what form of business entity to establish. The most common forms of businesses are the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and S corporation.

Module 3:
Tax Strategies

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This topic is critical, right behind the corporate structure that you set up is the taxation of those structures and making sure that they stay compliant. There are seventy-three thousand pages of tax code and most people use about five pages to file their taxes!

Module 4: Due Diligence and Money Rules

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What are your Money rules? There’s so much to due diligence that people just make decisions out of emotional urgency and not based on educational factors. Here you will learn a due diligence check list, what questions to ask and when to say “yes” to a deal.

Module 5: Oil and Gas

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This course will review the Gas & Oil proof of concept, how to get returns, better understand the investment options as well as the barrier to entry.
Here’s what we do. We take a very high risk investment and we try to bring it to a medium-risk investment.

Module 6: Real Estate

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In this course we’re not going to talk about the real estate most people think about, which is single family homes, we’ll be talking about those instruments, commercial real estate, in various ways that real estate can play into all of our lives.

Module 7: Franchising

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Ever thought of investing in a Franchise? In this course you will hear from Fred Auzenne, and learn more about franchising as an investment opportunity. This is how to create substantial wealth, we will teach you how to exit using franchising and make some serious money.

Module 8: IRAs

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If you want to be a three to five-year millionaire, you need to start taking the income you’re making and get it directed into alternative assets. Now, one asset that everyone sits on that’s usually pretty lazy is your IRA. In Canada, it’s your RRSP. In Australia, it’s your superannuation.

Module 9: Lenders and Debt Instruments

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In this course we will learn the benefits of being the lender, debt instruments as well as lending investment options. What is a lender, and what are the right steps in building this as an investment tool? We will also discuss the four C’s of lending and the Rule of 72.

Module 10: Wealth Off the Radar Screen

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In this course, we teach you how to take your wealth off the radar to invest and keep your money. We will also talk about asset allocation, maximum efficiency, understanding annuities and indexed interest potential.

Module 11: Success Stories

Listen to testimonials of students that are educating themselves on the right ways to invest, benefiting from this program and what has made the most impact for them in Off Wallstreet Assets!

Module 12: Q&A Sessions

Questions and Answers from the Off Wallstreet Assets wealth team. We talk about Due Diligence, hiring the right team, the park and pray method of investing money. Here are a few answers to your critical investing questions.

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